TRX Rocks

TRX Rocks

I love the slogan “Make Your Body Your Machine” that Fitness Anywhere came up with for the TRX Suspension Trainers. They are amazing, and I use them when training my private clients as well as running the TRX Rocks Classes at Fitness Revolution located in Sussex (operated by buddy’s Erin and Jim Naatz). By the […]

Abs Exercises

Renegade Row

We all make the effort when looking to perform abdominal exercises. You should try to work the abs in as many different exercises as possible. This is where you want to add in high intensity workouts that really work the entire body. Here is an example of a challenging ab workout that does not involve […]

Setting Goals

Turbulence training

Many of you may already know that my fat loss techniques and methods are inspired by my friend Craig Ballantyne, contributor to Mens Health and Oxygen magazines. This is why I am very excited to let you know that I am working with him and a few other Certified Turbulence Trainers to help transform one […]

Effective Exercises For Sexy Arms

Hey All – Many people believe the best way to get ready for sleeveless is to do bicep curls, triceps exercises, shoulder exercises.  These are all very effective exercises to get your arms tone, but do not discount compound movements that work more than muscle group.  By working larger groups, you are getting more load […]

The Importance Of Social Support

People with social support often accomplish more than those who do not. In fact, studies have shown that you are more likely to succeed with exercise if you have some type of social support. Social support can come in the form of friends, family members or coworkers. These people can provide support and encouragement during […]