Corporate Fitness

Only 15% of the nation’s workforce reports being active on a regular basis. Another 63% wants to be active, but states that lack of TIME and / or RESOURCES is the reason are not active. Jump-start your workplace with an effective and affordable on-site program!

Helping hundreds of people overhaul their fitness and nutrition habits to make permanent lifestyle changes.

– Get Fit with your own customized fitness program prepared by a Certified Personal Trainer
– Get Slim with our simple and effective Food Plan
– Get Together with five optional group workouts
– Get Accountability with food and exercising journal
– Get Results with increased strength and endurance which equals weight and inches lost!
– Get Healthy!

Affordable, effective with proven benefits for the employer:

– Reduce absenteeism
– Control Increasing Health Care
– Improve Productivity
– Improve “Presenteeism”
– Reduce Injuries
– Improve Employee Morale and Retention

What’s involved?

  • Pre- and post-fitness assessment
  • Individual coaching (on-site or e-mail)
  • Journaling
  • On-site fitness activities

powertestPower Test

Power Test, Inc. is an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and implementation of dynamometers and control systems. For more than 38 years, Power Test has provided specialized test equipment to manufacturers, rebuilding facilities, and distributors globally.

The products can be found in use at these facilities in nearly 100 countries on six continents.

The headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Sussex, WI with sales representatives worldwide. Their unparalleled customer service is well known throughout the industry.

Power Test was an award winner in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Healthiest Employers competition in the Small Business category for southeastern Wisconsin. 2014 74th overall and 8th in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Logistics Category in the

Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America awards.

Color Ink was established 562811_482196021792387_999304429_nin 1984, Color Ink employs over 100 people working in 100,000+ square feet of production space in its Sussex Wisconsin print facility.

Color Ink offers a complete prepress department, a pressroom equipped with six sheet fed printing presses, a full bindery, a mailing and fulfillment operation, a full digital printing operation, and a digital photography and video studio.

 In 2012, the company formed a subsidiary, FunDeco, LLC. The new company develops and manufactures furniture, games, crafts and décor for the consumer market. All of the products developed by FunDeco are manufactured with the resources provided by Color Ink, Inc. FunDeco products are currently sold online at major retailers and college bookstores across the country. FunDeco also has a retail store location in Sussex at the company headquarters.
Aries Industries developed the industry’s first inspection camera with a wiper to keep the lens clean in the wet and dirty sewer environment.
Aries Industries Inc. manufactures inspection and rehabilitation equipment for underground infrastructure professionals. Products include video cameras and systems, cutting and grouting equipment, and custom-outfitted vehicles. Sewer pipeline equipment is supplied to contractors and municipalities throughout the United States. 

Aries is the leading supplier of grouting systems for testing and sealing sewer pipeline connections to prevent infiltration of storm water into sewer pipelines, a major problem for municipalities around the country. They designed and built the camera that was lowered nearly a mile into the collapsed Chilean mine in 2010, to provide the first images of the trapped miners and reveal that they were all safe.

The Aries office in Waukesha is located in the building that produced Jiffy Jell, an instant success when introduced in 1916, until prohibition banned the dessert made with an alcohol preservative. The company was sold and relocated, but the reformulated product later regained great popularity as Jello. 
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