The Importance Of Social Support

People with social support often accomplish more than those who do not. In fact, studies have shown that you are more likely to succeed with exercise if you have some type of social support. Social support can come in the form of friends, family members or coworkers. These people can provide support and encouragement during […]

Tips For A Better Back

Ok…we all need to be concerned about back pain! The three main causes of back pain are: 1) Poor posture 2) Incorrect breathing 3) AND…. Weak “CORE” muscles Posture: You can aggravate or cause bad posture by poor workout form. If you find yourself executing questionable form during your exercise, for example, dumbbell curls while […]

Createing Healthy Habits

Getting into the groove

We all struggle with getting our minds into the groove. Whenever we are trying something new or trying to create a new healthy habit, like exercising consistently, eating right, or just being the best person we want to be, it is important to focus your energy and thoughts on the positive. Change is hard – […]