Createing Healthy Habits

We all struggle with getting our minds into the groove. Whenever we are trying something new or trying to create a new healthy habit, like exercising consistently, eating right, or just being the best person we want to be, it is important to focus your energy and thoughts on the positive.

Change is hard – and that is a proven fact. It is easy to rationalize why you “can’t” do something. You don’t have time, you are too busy, the kids have to be here or there, your work is crazy, etc. The excuses are endless.

Try focusing on the positive and not the negative. What can you do to make it happen? What are the benefits? What part of your day can you take control of to make something happen that will improve your life, your health, and the lives and health of those around you? If you can’t take care of yourself, who can you take care of?

I believe we all need to HEAR and PRACTICE this….. Recognize the problem or issue, then spend your time and energy on the solution.

Here is your action plan:

1) Make a list of the reasons why you have not been able implement a positive change in your life (that you have been wanting to implement). Take only about 5 minutes focusing on this problem.

2) Spend at least 30 minutes coming up with solutions to that problem. Make one change at a time and make it happen consistently.

Create momentum and then before you know it, positive changes will be happening all around you!

To You in Health and Fitness,

Lesa Gutenkuns -ACE- CPT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
TRX Suspension
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